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Medium greek nowords

Intro to Greek

Group type: Christian Education
Schedule: Friday & Saturday, February 16 & 17
Medium greek nowords
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Ever read a commentary and wondered what some of the terms meant? Ever seen a Greek word in a theology book and wished you at least knew how it was pronounced? Ever wondered which commentary series was best for you? You can’t learn Greek in one weekend, but you can become familiar with the language: how it works, how to navigate the resources and tools used by those who can read Greek, and which resources you would be able to benefit from even though you’ve never learned Greek. That’s what this course is for and if this describes you, then you’re who this course is designed for.


Pastor Michael R. Jones has been using Greek since his first Greek class in 1989. He holds degrees in biblical and theological studies from William Tyndale College, Michigan Theological Seminary, and Moody Theological Seminary and is currently working on PhD at the University of Chester (UK). He has written articles for the Lexham Theological Wordbook and the Lexham Bible Dictionary.